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Achieve your aspirations with coaching.

Coaching is a development process where a coach and coachee meet over a short period, typically between 3 – 6 weeks, or months depending on the need. Coaching is empowering and can help solve specific issues but essentially helps unlock potential in the coachee so they can achieve success in whatever they are striving for. 
They set the RIGHT goals collaboratively, and the coachee receives regular, constructive and honest feedback every step of the way. It’s never easy, but the benefits are worth it.
Having someone to check in with them keeps them focussed on their goals. If they know they’re going to see their coach next week, and have committed to doing something by then, they’re more likely to do it.
Coaching has many proven benefits but two managers at Facebook described it in a way that sums it up beautifully. Justin Rosenstein and Carly Schwartz, described coaching using a great metaphor when they wrote an article for Wavelength. They wrote, “think of an organisation like a tree, with the CEO on the bottom. The individual contributors – the people doing the work, are the fruit — and the managers are their supportive branches. Coaching is a key tool for ensuring your teammates fully ripen.” 
Ripening is a beautiful metaphor because like a ripened fruit that’s succulent, delicious and the most valuable when it comes to sale, a ripened teammate means the business benefits from a talented, high performing employee. Win win!

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