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As HR is a non-revenue generating resource, it’s typical for some companies, especially the smaller ones, to buy in HR services reactively or when a problem has already occurred.

Using HR director support means that founders and senior teams can have access to all the benefits of a senior HR practitioner, that can execute their HR strategy, whilst they get on with generating income for their business. 

10 reasons for hiring me as your HR director.

  1. I’m a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), fully-qualified and have the knowledge and experience to match.
  2. I have been in finance and HR for 25+ years now with proven success of making significant financial savings for companies by creating people centric initiatives that genuinely impact the bottom line.
  3. I have worked as an HR director in many industries including advertising, creative, design, hospitality & leisure, live entertainment, marketing, media, telco and SaaS. In addition, I have consulted in the aviation, banking, construction, membership and non-profit, print, real estate and sustainability industries.
  4. I have been volunteering at the north London branch of the CIPD since 2007 and during that time have held roles including branch chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and council representative. I am at the forefront of HR and constantly learning about innovative ways to attract, manage, develop and retain people.
  5. I regularly host round table dinners on behalf of the north London CIPD’s Independent Consultants Group. Our current subscription holds over 100 consultants and I have networked and worked with some of London’s best independent HR & OD practitioners and trainers.
  6. For many businesses, hiring a full-time HR director is unnecessary and not financially viable. Business owners can use HR director support on an interim basis, for as little or as much as they need without the huge financial commitment.
  7. HR for non HR people can be a daunting subject. I ensure all legal documents, policies and procedures are compliant with the latest regulations, so they never have to worry about their business falling foul of the law.
  8. As an experienced finance and HR director, I use data and analytics to drive my thinking and I am able to identify problems, resolve issues and implement initiatives that provide long term solutions.
  9. Creating a culture where people feel they belong makes a happier company. I have proven experience of helping business owners create clear organisational values and define the acceptable behaviours that complement them.
  10. As an experienced HR director, I can attend board and leadership meetings to identify and resolve people issues as and when they occur.

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